Website Security – Your Digital Alarm System

Much like protecting your home against intruders, website security is one of those tasks that isn’t exciting, but you know you need to do it! While most people sport a “That would never happen to me” attitude, we know for a fact that your website security is at risk. When Google is warning you that your website might have been hacked, you’re scrambling to get your website up and running again, and clients are suing you because their information has been stolen, you will definitely wish you employed a security maintenance plan!


Stay Safe and Sound

We hope we haven’t scared you, but the truth is that malicious internet bots are constantly bombarding your website and trying to steal valuable information. With a website security plan, your core software and plug-ins stay up-to-date and protected, so you won’t have to worry.

Even large companies face security breaches. We’ve all heard about Equifax, Target, Yahoo, and more. It’s scary to think that even the companies who take serious precautions can have their data stolen. In these circumstances, there probably was no stopping the hackers from doing their dirty deeds. As a business owner, the least you can do is try and protect yourself. Much like owning a home, it’s your responsibility to guard yourself from intruders.


Peace of Mind

You’re probably aware of how hard it is these days to reach a desirable position on search engine page ranks. If your website has security vulnerabilities, your page rank will be lowered – or not even displayed at all. The problem is, updating website files, troubleshooting a buggy plug-in, or making sure your site’s security hasn’t been breached takes time. Your time is valuable, so that’s why it’s great to have a trusted team backing you up.

As mentioned earlier, we are not trying to use scare tactics to force you into a website security plan. We are simply stating the facts, and we hope you use this information to your advantage! If you would like to gain some peace of mind about your website and its data, contact YellowDog – we’d be happy to help you formulate a plan that fits your needs!